Students Initiatives


An initiative was taken by XIMB Rural Management students in their annual festival “XPRESSIONS’ 09” to promote rural art and crafts. This was done as a part of their Social Entrepreneurship project. For visitors it was heartening and enjoyable experience as it had a variety of art and crafts which are typical to Orissa such as ethnic and tribal jewellery, Dhokra Brass Ware, Odisha Pata-chitra Painting, hand spun clothes from the KVC. As visitors from outside Orissa had also come down to be a part of Xpressions, they said it was nice to have a glimpse of “TRUE ORISSA” in campus. The organizing team see this as a successful effort as they could play a small part in others happiness.

by LG 2



  1. This is great work.. its so nice to see more young people do this. We at Happy Hands Foundation work with artisans and craftsmen of rural India, Orissa being one of our prime clusters. If there are any students interested in working/interning with us, please write to us at or visit us at

  2. I really appreciate the work you guys are doing. But is it right to restrain your ideas to a social issue?? Shouldn’t an entrepreneur have an open mind towards whatever comes their way??

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